III-V optoelectronic devices in the BGaInAs material system




El-Jaroudi, Rasha Huntoon

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In this work, we investigate the potential of direct-bandgap, III-V materials for lattice-matched absorbers and emitters on silicon. Leveraging the small lattice constant of the boron pnictides, BGaInAs can be grown lattice-matched or nearly lattice-matched to Si; however, the difficult growth mechanics of elemental boron and the highly mismatched nature of BGaInAs have limited prior synthesis of this alloy to compositions outside those required for lattice-matched growth on Si and outside of technologically interesting wavelengths. Therefore, this work focuses on BGaInAs growth on GaAs. Focusing on GaAs reduces the simultaneous amount of boron and indium required to maintain lattice-matching or near lattice-matching as compared to Si. Here, we exploit the non-equilibrium growth properties of molecular beam epitaxy to simultaneously increase the incorporation of boron and indium - enabling the longest wavelength emission from BGaInAs, the first boron-containing active region electrically injected emitter, and all-BGaInAs photodetectors. Our approach is the optimization of BGaInAs on GaAs, focusing on further extending emission wavelengths and increasing B, In concentrations in lattice-matched detectors in order to develop understanding of how increasing B concentrations (and requisite In concentrations) affect BGaInAs-based devices, thus providing a path towards lattice-matched optoelectronic devices on Si.


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