History and analysis of eSport systems




Snavely, Tyler Louis

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As video games have increased in complexity from simple arcade machines to modern home consoles, the potential for skill development and competition have increased simultaneously. The result has been an eSport system that utilizes digital technology to provide gamers with a platform for intense competition capable of generating spectator appeal. The modern eSport market contains the three sectors of the traditional sport market capable of supporting recreational gamers, spectator sport events, and a large peripheral accessory market. This report draws a comparison between the digital and traditional sport system while summarizing the general development of video games into a viable platform for competition. It notes the initial development of modern professional gaming in South Korea, and analyzes the current state of eSports in North America by reviewing Major League Gaming and their techniques for advancing the eSport system. The report concludes with a discussion of threats to the eSport industry as it continues to gain relevancy in the Western hemisphere.



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