Let's grab coffee sometime! : enhancing pragmatic consciousness-raising tasks through metapragmatic discussions

Cloutier, Andréanne
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As perspectives on second language teaching and learning evolved throughout the decades, SLA specialists are reconsidering the traditional ways of teaching languages. Since languages are dynamic systems constantly morphing to adapt to their speech communities, focusing on usage in L2 classroom appears to be inevitable. Instructors must think of teaching at the intersection of language and culture in order to foster fully competent L2 learners. Therefore, this paper aims at providing a thorough literature review on the subject of instructional pragmatics and metapragmatic discussions (MPD). Anchored in foundational tenets of the field, this paper presents a variety of instructional techniques that intend to raise the learners' consciousness of pragmalinguistic and sociopragmatic elements of a target languaculture. Finally, the review will be followed by pedagogical recommendations explaining how to recreate the conditions necessary for an effective metapragmatic discussion to take place, based on current research in the field of second language acquisition.