A Space Strategy for Texas for the 1990s, PRP 102




Kastel, Dean
Tolo, Kenneth W.

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LBJ School of Public Affairs




This report on a space strategy for Texas for the 1990s is the result of a policy research project conducted during the 1991-92 academic year with financial support from the Center for Space Research (College of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin), the Texas Space Grant Consortium, and the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation. In the summer of 1991, the LBJ School and the Center for Space Research agreed to undertake the development of a long-term space strategy for the state. These two University of Texas at Austin units decided it was critically important to formulate a strategic framework to address space-related economic and business development and, in so doing, to demonstrate the breadth and depth of resources at state universities that can be brought to bear on important state policy issues. This report details this strategic framework and specifies the primary objectives that should be implemented by the state's public sector, private sector, and universities in the 1990s.

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