State-of-the-art Cyber-enabled Physical and Digital Systems Deployed in Distributed Digital Factory Using Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Systems: Open, Scalable, and Secure Framework

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University of Texas at Austin


A distributed digital factory (DDF) integrates physical and digital systems, leveraging additive manufacturing (AM) and subtractive manufacturing (SM), to enable the dispersed production of components. Existing work focuses on digital twins, AM and SM systems, and some security aspects. Nevertheless, a holistic view of integrating devices with dynamic provisions to invoke digital twins has limited supporting research. This paper will detail cyber-physical and digital systems deployed in DDFs. The components of cyber systems, including AM & SM equipment, sensors, communication protocols, and monitoring software, are covered. Challenges associated with the design and deployment of DDFs, such as security, scalability, and interoperability, are detailed. The assessment emphasizes an open framework for DDF development, allowing system integration from vendors & participants across diverse locations and capabilities. The article also examines the significance of a scalable and secure framework for the implementation of DDFs, which ensures the dependability and availability of on-demand manufacturing.


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