Set of Experiments on Steel Balls Under Extension: A Slide Show




Sclater, John G.
Boerner, Sean T.

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Institute for Geophysics



Boerner, (1989) carried out the original set of experiments on steel balls under extension for his Master's Thesis at the University of Texas at Austin. These experiments initially consisted of an examination of the dilation and then faulting of steel balls of uniform size in an apparatus one row thick where he could vary the number of layers. This apparatus approximated the behavior of steel balls in two dimensions. By modifying the apparatus to increase the number of rows he completed a similar set of experiments in the three dimensions. For these experiments, which were meant to be analogues of the behavior of sand in sand boxes, he varied the size of the balls. Boerner (1989) describes each experiment in detail. Boerner and Sclater (in preparation) are about to submit a summary of these experiments including an explanation of the main findings to the Journal of Geophysical Research. We present, with this set of slides, an overview of the experiments carried out by Boerner (1989) and some slides illustrating different packing geometries.

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Sclater, John G. and Boerner, Sean T. "Set of Experiments on Steel Balls Under Extension: A Slide Show." University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report Number 105 (June 1990), 152p.