SALD and SALVI Virtual Laboratory

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Bzymek, Zbigniew M.
Ferreira, David
Marcus, Harris
Shaw, Leon L.

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This paper describes efforts to apply virtual manufacturing techniques to produce machine parts using Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF). In particular, the work was done to develop a Virtual SFF Laboratory for the Selective Area Laser Deposition (S~D) and Selective Area Las~r Deposition Vapor Infl1tration (SALDVI) for the manufacture of machine parts and research on theIr characteristics, as well as for research on development of SAW and SALDVI technologies. It was the goal of the authors to supply the user with a tool to design a part, develop its three dimensional model, render it and observe its shape and dimensions. Except for research, laboratory is intended to be used for teaching principles of design and manufacturing of machine parts, as well as for delnonstrating SAW and SALVI processes to visitors. The Virtual Laboratory was developed on Silicon Graphics workstations. The Virtual Laboratory can create a multi-media, stereoscopic presentations of the SAW and SALVI processes in the Solid Freeform Fabrication Laboratory at the Institute of Material Science (IMS) at the University of Connecticut. The presentations can also be distributed through the Internet.



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