Mid-Infrared Photometry And Spectra Of Three High-Mass Protostellar Candidates At IRAS 18151-1208 And IRAS 20343+4129




Campbell, M. F.
Sridharan, T. K.
Beuther, H.
Lacy, John H.
Hora, J. L.
Zhu, Q.
Kassis, M.
Saito, M.
De Buizer, J. M.
Fung, S. H.

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We present arcsecond-scale mid-IR photometry ( in the 10.5 mu m N band and at 24.8 mu m), and low-resolution spectra in the N band ( R similar or equal to 100) of a candidate high-mass protostellar object ( HMPO) in IRAS 18151-1208 and of two HMPO candidates in IRAS 20343+4129, IRS 1 and IRS 3. In addition, we present high-resolution mid-IR spectra (R similar or equal to 80, 000) of the two HMPO candidates in IRAS 20343+4129. These data are fitted with simple models to estimate the masses of gas and dust associated with the mid-IR-emitting clumps, the column densities of overlying absorbing dust and gas, the luminosities of the HMPO candidates, and the likely spectral type of the HMPO candidate for which [Ne II] 12.8 mu m emission was detected ( IRAS 20343+4129 IRS 3). We suggest that IRAS 18151-1208 is a pre-ultracompact H II region HMPO, IRAS 20343+4129 IRS 1 is an embedded young stellar object with the luminosity of a B3 star, and IRAS 20343+4129 IRS 3 is a B2 ZAMS star that has formed an ultracompact H II region and disrupted its natal envelope.



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Campbell, M. F., H. Beuther, J. H. Lacy, John L. Hora, Q. Zhu, M. Kassis, M. Saito, J. M. De Buizer, S. H. Fung, and L. C. Johnson. "Mid-Infrared Photometry and Spectra of Three High-Mass Protostellar Candidates at IRAS 18151ヨ1208 and IRAS 20343+ 4129." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 673, No. 2 (Feb., 2008): 954.