Bibliography of Nebraska Geology 1843-1976




Sandy, John H.
Fussell, Jay

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University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources




The purpose of this bibliography is to help you to locate titles in Nebraska’s geologic literature pub­lished during the period of 1843 to 1976. You will be speeded in this task if you familiarize yourself with the three major parts of this publication, each of which helps you solve a different set of problems. -- Main Bibliography -- When you know the name of a publication's author, check the main bibliography where the author’s sur­name is listed alphabetically. After you have located the author entry, check the chronological listing of publications—arranged from earliest to latest—under that author’s name to locate a particular title of in­terest. -- Joint Author Index -- This index should help you to locate publications that are known to you under the names of secondary authors only. Since the main bibliography lists pub­lications under the names of principal authors only, the joint author index gives the names of secondary authors alphabetically and, by means of a control number, guides you the reader to a specific entry within the main bibliography’s numerical sequence. -- Keyword Index -- Arranged alphabetically by subject, the keyword in­dex sends you from a subject of interest back to an author entry in the main bibliography. This section is actually a keyword-in-context index prepared by means of a computer program and presented se­quentially as lines of computer printout display. The keyword for each line is shown immediately to the right of a centered space break. Along with that keyword are presented surrounding words from the complete title. The goal of the keyword index is to give you the reader enough information about a specific title to help you decide whether you are interested in its subject. If you would like more information about any listing in the keyword index, simply use the con­trol number to locate the full entry in the main bib­liography.

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