Shear behavior of full-scale reinforced concrete members strengthened with anchored CFRP materials

Alotaibi, Nawaf Khaled
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Numerous studies on shear strengthening with CFRP material are reported in the literature. However, the majority of these studies were conducted on small-scale specimens that have little or no transverse reinforcement. A comprehensive review of the literature showed that without proper anchorage, CFRP materials did not increase the shear strength of the member due to debonding between the material and the concrete surface. In order to better understand the shear behavior of members strengthened with anchored CFRP strips, ten tests were performed on large-scale T-beams. The beams were tested with various CFRP layouts, CFRP reinforcement ratios, and transverse steel reinforcement ratios. The test results provided invaluable information on the shear behavior of strengthened members when sufficient anchorage is provided for CFRP material and debonding failure is precluded. A detailed discussion of the interaction between the materials is presented based on the observations from the experimental tests. The performance of the test specimens was compared at service loads, and at ultimate capacity. The results of this study were added to a database that was used to develop design recommendations to estimate the shear capacity of members strengthened with anchored CFRP material. The comparison between predicted shear capacities and experimental test results showed that the proposed design recommendations provided much more accurate estimates of shear strength than existing guidelines. The tests reported in this dissertation are not only critical for understanding the shear behavior of members strengthened in shear with anchored CFRP material, but also extremely valuable in filling the gaps in the literature and expanding the limited data available.