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The Department of Government is distinguished by the breadth and quality of its faculty, students, and curriculum. To support continued quality the Department of Government blog is dedicated to providing timely news, events, and items of interest pertaining to political science and the Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin.



Contents: April 3 -- Calla Hummel Wins NSF Research Fellowship -- Thomas Pangle Publishes New Book – April 5 -- Zach Elkins: Rewrite the Second Amendment -– April 10 -- Midwest Reception Friday April 12, 6:30pm -- Graduate Student Papers at 2013 MPSA -- Lilliard Richardson Dean at IUPUI -- Recent ABDs -- Recent PhDs/Recent Defenses/Forthcoming Defenses -- Tendler Appointed to Parking Strategies Committee -- New Book from Justin Dyer -- William Horner Wins Teaching Award -- Tzong-Ho Bau Given Distinguished Alumni Award -- New Book from Clark Mayer -- Carolyn Shaw Promoted at Wichita State -- New Book by C. Fred Alford -- Dennis Hickey: Distinguished Professor -- New Publications from Ben Gregg -- Ben Gregg to Teach Summer Course in Viadrina -- PS Article by David Leal -- New Publications from David Williams -- Evans Case Pushing Clark Center Forward -- Publication by Justin Dyer and Kevin Stuart -- Givens to Present at Pursuit of Justice Conference -- Publication and Presentations by Yuval Weber -- Recent Placements -- Publication by Michael McLendon -- Elitism Re-issued -- New Job and Publication for Laura Seay -- Ayesha Ray’s First Book Published -- Austin Hart Article Accepted for Publication -- Sunila Kale Wins Prize for Book Manuscript -– April 12 -- Dajani Appointed Dean -- Johnson Book Review in CPS –- April 15 -- Steven Taylor Appointed Department Chair -- Publication by Steven Taylor -- Peter Harris Review Article Accepted for Publication -– April 24 -- “Armies and Revolutions” by Zoltan Barany -- Theriault’s Gingrich Senators -- Theriault Receives Maloney Award

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