Sensory and cognitive contributions to speech perception in background noise in young adults




Kamdar, Sangeeta C.

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In the present study, speech perception in background noise was investigated by asking participants to perform listening tasks in two target speech contexts. Each target speech context was presented in four listening environments. External factors within each listening environment were manipulated, and various internal factors of the listener were subsequently measured. The primary aim of this study was to determine how well sensory and cognitive functions predict speech perception in noise outcomes for various target speech contexts presented in different types and levels of background noise. While this study did not reveal a significant effect for seven of the nine sensory and cognitive variables, this does not suggest that speech perception in noise does not involve a broad range of sensory and cognitive abilities. It’s possible that even when individual difference among listeners exist, the sensory and cognitive abilities of most young normal hearing individuals are suitable for the purpose of speech perception in noise.


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