Investigation of the Liquid Phase Sintering of Size Range Composed Powder for SLS Application

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Boivie, Klas

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In order to find the constraints and limiting factors for the development of a series of homogenous steel materials has three different aspects of such a material system been investigated in relation to each other; the composition of powders, the formation of green bodies and sintering in a vacuum furnace. It was found that particle size range intervals must be optimised, not only in respect to maximum part precision and powder density but also to interparticle friction and laser penetration. Sintering time and temperatures should be adapted to particles shape and diffusion rates, as well as the possible evaporation of alloy components. Furthermore should the fraction of melting phase be balanced between solubility of liquid agent in base material and the wetting of solid particles as well as being integrated in the smaller sized fraction of the powder composition. While these issues remain undetermined, the possibility for parts of homogenous steel materials by SLS cannot be eliminated.



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