Employee travel at the Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport




Zambrano, Waldo Antonio

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This thesis presents an analysis of data that were obtained from the Employee Travel Survey made at the Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport (DFW) in May 1975 and a methodology for estimating DFW employee vehicular volumes arriving at or leaving the airport in a given time interval. From the survey information, an analysis is made of employee characteristics for all the DFW employees. This is followed by a comparison of employee characteristics according to whether or not they previously worked at Love Field Airport in Dallas. Theoretical distributions are developed for the period between the times that the employees' work shifts start and end and the actual time that employees arrive at or leave the airport relative to those starting and ending times. Different theoretical distributions are obtained for different periods of the day. Finally, a model is developed for estimating employee vehicular volumes from the work shift times (starting or ending) and the number of employees on each work shift. Estimates from the model were found to compare favorably with actual counts of employee vehicles made during the survey.