The art of medicine : a narrative case study of an art museum workshop series for first-year medical students




Anderson, Carolyn Claire

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Utilizing a narrative case study methodology, this research examines stakeholders’ experiences of a repeat-visit workshop at the Blanton Museum of Art for first-year students of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. The workshop aims to nurture students’ skills in visual literacy, self-care, and empathetic communication so that they are better prepared in their undertakings as medical students and future doctors. The workshop’s key stakeholders include art museum educators from the Blanton Museum of Art, faculty of the Dell Medical School, and first-year Dell Medical School student participants in the workshop. Through direct observation and semi-structured interviews, this research uncovered meaningful insights surrounding the motivations, implementation, and impacts of the workshop from the perspectives of key stakeholders. By analyzing the value that key stakeholders ascribe to their experiences of the workshop, this study demonstrates the educational value of art museum experiences in medical education and one museum’s commitment to community and societal wellbeing.



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