Large area black body source for ITER ECE in situ calibration

Phillips, P.E.
Liu, H-P
Austin, M.E
Beno, J
Ellis, R.F
Ouroua, A
Rowan, W.L.
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Development and testing of a hot calibration source for the ECE systems on ITER is underway. The source is intended to meet the requirements described in DDD55 Overview of Diagnostics. The requirement is for two 200 mm diameter sources. One will operate at atmospheric pressure and be well removed from the experiment. The other will operate in vacuum near the plasma. Both will operate at temperatures up to 800 °C. Here we report on the development of a prototype hot calibration source and of a realistic thermal model of the hot calibration source that will be used in simulations of the thermal properties of the source. Selection of a reliable heating method is challenging. Heating methods under consideration will be discussed.

P.E. Phillips, H-P. Liu, M.E. Austin, J. Beno, R.F. Ellis, A. Ouroua, and W.L. Rowan, “Large area black body source for ITER ECE in situ calibration,” 17th High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, May 11-15, 2008.