Regional and community transportation planning issues : A selected annotated bibliography

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Huddleston, John
Linehan, Ronald
Sayyari, Abdulla
Dodge, Richard
Walton, C. Michael
Hamby, Marsha

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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies


"This memorandum is a by-product of the research effort currently being conducted under the topic, "The Influence of Interurban Transportation Systems on the Rural Environment." The first aim of the research is to produce two planning manuals, one for the use of the professional, the other for the lay person in small urban and rural communities. In order to develop these two documents, the research effort has been divided into several subareas, specifically including: planning resources and policies pertaining to rural areas and small communities; the growth potential of small communities in a regional context; the social and economic variables most relevant to interurban, transportation planning; and the techniques currently used in the various stages of the planning process, including techniques for citizen participation. The bibliography contained in this memorandum is a selected and annotated list of works reviewed by various members of the research team in the course of their separate investigations. It is divided into five sections, which reflect the areas of greatest relevance to the final planning documents. These are: I. Planning and Policy; II. Transportation and Regional Growth; III. Socio-Economic Variables in Transportation Planning; IV. Evaluation Techniques and Models; and V. Citizen Participation. The books and articles included do not constitute an exhaustive list, but rather a selected group representative of the diversity and of the state of the art in these five areas. These works were dealt with in some detail during the course of the research; it is hoped that the comments on each will be of use in guiding other researchers to works appropriate to their particular concerns." --Introduction


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