Increasing appropriate social communication and pragmatic language skills in young adults with autism spectrum disorders

Coppock, Amanda Rene'
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This report seeks to explore intervention methodologies that can be adapted for use with young transitional adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to increase appropriate social communication. No interventions have been developed explicitly for use in speech-language therapy with young adults with ASD. As a result, existing interventions have to be adapted to use with this population. The interventions that were adapted were Behavioral Interventions, Developmental Social Pragmatic Interventions, and Enhanced Milieu Teaching. The adaptations of the reviewed interventions were illustrated by creating an instructional video to highlight how to use the interventions and their adaptations with an adult with ASD. The author and participant consider the video development and final product to be a success; however, until peer-reviewed efficacy studies that explore the effects of these intervention adaptations with young-adults with ASD are conducted, the author cannot assert that the intervention adaptations discussed will be effective therapy strategies for young adults with ASD.