The Place of Social Services in Welfare Policy: An Assessment of Federal Policy Changes and Their Impact on Texas, PRP 5




Clark, Alexander L.
Feagan, Joe
Schmandt, Jurgen

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LBJ School of Public Affairs




During the summer of 1972, members of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs faculty and Texas State Depart_ment of Public Welfare staff members reviewed research needs of the department. As a result the department contracted with the School for a year-long policy research project studying its system of social services for welfare recipients (Contract PS-076). Special emphasis was to be given to federal requirements for improved accountability for social services. At that time , regulations governing such requirements were pending, and even at this writing final federal regulations concerning social services accounting had not yet been issued . Given this situation the research project concentrated its efforts on three tasks: (1) analysis of the impact of changes in federal legislation and funding on the delivery of social services in the state ; (2) assessment of current DPW service delivery policy and organization; and (3) examination of the state's information needs for policy planning and program evaluation in the area of social services related to but not entirely dependent on the expected federal regulations.

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