The application of high polymers to cotton in sliver form




Murray, Edward Anne, 1917-

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The purpose of this research was to investigate the application of synthetic resins to cotton prior to spinning. It may be demonstrated by a macroscopic examination of fabrics that even such small molecules as dyes do not readily penetrate the fabric or even the component yarn structure uniformly, and it would appear by analogy that the resin penetration of fabrics is probably also non-uniform. It was felt that by impregnation at some stage of the processing where individual fibers could be uniformly treated with resins that somewhat different effects might be obtained from the resin treatments. The work undertaken in this study involved the development of a process for the treatment of cotton in sliver form and the investigation of fibers treated with two polymeric materials; one of the thermosetting type (Resloom M-75), and the other a fully polymerized silica (Syton). It has been demonstrated that the effects obtained when fibers are treated prior to spinning are somewhat different from those realized by the treatment of fabrics


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