Reframing Harlem River : Manhattan-Bronx waterfront community design

Yang, Sheng, M. of Architecture
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Today a renewed interest in the recreational value of the Harlem River, paired with new real estate pressures that are reshaping East Harlem and the Southern portion of the Bronx, the moment is ripe to rethink the current scalar incongruence between city, mobility corridors and the water edge. Both in the case of Manhattan and the Bronx the expansive geometries of the mobility infrastructure has inscribed, along both edges, a physical and operative footprint that is at odds with the scale of the water's edge and the city. This design is to propose an idea to renovate Harlem waterfront area into interactive and livable place in the densely populated city. The first point is to accommodate a number of people with enough housing units, and then hopefully this area could be a catalyst to increase vitality of nearby area. This is a mixed-use area that includes commercial, residences, offices, athletics and recreations, and a pedestrian bridge connecting to Manhattan.