Program for Predicting the Densities and Pressure of Invert Elviulsion Muds Under Static Well Conditions




Behl, Navneet

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This thesis presents a study of the effect of temperature and pressure on different invert emulsion muds and base fluids. A compositional material balance model was used to predict the densities of synthetic and oil based muds at different temperatures and pressures under static hole conditions. A program for predicting the densities of different synthetic and oil-based muds under static downhole conditions was written using the above model and works on the windows operating system. The new version of the program can predict densities of single synthetic based mud, and mixtures of two synthetic fluids, as their base fluid. The same compositional model was applied to the mixture of two synthetic fluids and the result compared to the experimental data was confirmative. The program can be used for deep-water wells, which have two different temperature profiles. Thus, the program can be used for ultra deep offshore wells and for mixtures at low temperatures. The user can also create new base fluids using the program interface to increase the database of the _l=)rogram. Experiments were conducted by MI Drilling Fluids using a Huxley - Bertram viscometer modified to directly give the density of the fluid.


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