Feasibility of Fabricating Metal Parts from 17-4PH Stainless Steel Powder

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Wu, Guohua
Langrana, Noshir
Rangarajan, Sriram
Sadangi, Rajendra
Safari, Amhad
Danforth, Stephen C.

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17-4 PH stainless steel is known to provide an attractive combination of high strength and corrosion resistance. In this research, the feasibility of SFF fabrication of high density parts using PH powder is examined. A part can be fabricated using both indirect and direct methods. The indirect method includes making a negative RTV mold, making compounded material using ECG binder and stearic acid with the metal powder, and pouring the compounded material to get a green part. This is followed by binder bum out(BBO) and sintering cycles. The direct method uses Fused Deposition of Metals(FDMet). In FDMet, the 17-4PH powder is compounded with a binder and extruded into filaments, followed by part building, BBO and sintering. The initial results of the indirect method of fabrication produced 91 % theoretical density of 17-4 PH parts with Vickers hardness of 223


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