Two-fluid temperature-dependent relativistic waves in magnetized streaming pair plasmas

Soto-Chavez, A. R.
Mahajan, S. M.
Hazeltine, R. D.
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A relativistic two-fluid temperature-dependent approach for a streaming magnetized pair plasma is considered. Such a scenario corresponds to secondary plasmas created at the polar caps of pulsar magnetospheres. In the model the generalized vorticity rather than the magnetic field is frozen into the fluid. For parallel propagation four transverse modes are found. Two are electromagnetic plasma modes which at high temperature become light waves. The remaining two are Alfveacutenic modes split into a fast and slow mode. The slow mode is cyclotron two-stream unstable at large wavelengths and is always subluminous. We find that the instability cannot be suppressed by temperature effects in the limit of large (finite) magnetic field. The fast Alfveacuten mode can be superluminous only at large wavelengths, however it is always subluminous at high temperatures. In this incompressible approximation only the ordinary mode is present for perpendicular propagation. For oblique propagation the dispersion relation is studied for finite and large strong magnetic fields and the results are qualitatively described.

Soto-Chavez, A. R., S. M. Mahajan, and R. D. Hazeltine. "Two-fluid temperature-dependent relativistic waves in magnetized streaming pair plasmas." Physical Review E 81, no. 2 (2010): 026403.