Reduced Order Modeling of a Shipboard Power System

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Abdelwahed, S.
Asrari, A.
Crider, J.
Dougal, R.A.
Faruque, M.O.
Fu, Y.
Langston, J.
Lee, Y.
Mohammadpour, H.A.
Ouroua, A.

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Reduced-order average-value models form the basis of a computationally efficient approach for studying shipboard power systems. As a result of neglecting fast states, this approach generally involves solving a set of differential algebraic equations. Although the reduced-order average-value modeling approach has been well studied in the literature, as simulation languages evolve the most programmatic approach to addressing the non-linear algebraic portion of the model changes as well. In this work, a number of approaches for implementing reduced-order average-value models of a small power system are compared.


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S. Abdelwahed, A. Asrari, J. Crider, R.A. Dougal, M.O. Faruque, Y. Fu, J. Langston, Y. Lee, H.A. Mohammadpour, A. Ouroua, E. Santi, K. Shoder, S.D. Sudhoff, Y. Zhang, H. Zheng, E. Zivi, “Reduced Order Modeling of a Shipboard Power System,” IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium IEEE ESTS 2013, April 22-23, 2013.