Reflective diffractometric hydrogel sensor for biological and chemical detection

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Andrew D. Ellington
Babak Ziaie
Cagri A. Savran
Chun-Li Chang
Zhenwen Ding
Venkata Patchigolla

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A reflective diffractometric hydrogel sensor includes an upper layer, including a microfluidic chamber formed from a substantially transparent material and configured to contain a solution, a reflective diffraction grating positioned within the microfluidic chamber, the diffraction grating including a plurality of hydrogel strips configured to change in dimension in response to a stimulus, each hydrogel strip having a top surface coated with a reflective material and a bottom surface in contact with the upper layer substrate, and a reflective surface below the reflective diffraction grating wherein when a coherent light is incident upon and reflected from the upper layer at an angle substantially normal to the upper layer an interference diffraction pattern results, including a first diffraction mode, a light intensity of which indicates the relative distance between the top surfaces of the plurality of hydrogel strips and the reflective surface.



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