Eagle Flat Project, Hudspeth County, Texas

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Raney, J. A.
Collins, Edward W.
Darling, Bruce Kelley, 1951-

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The geomorphic, stratigraphic, and structural geologic studies are designed to characterize the geologic setting of the site and region. The results of these studies are required for the license application, to support design and geotechnical studies, and to construct the hydrogeologic framework.

Various elements of the regional stratigraphy and structural setting have been described by many authors. Our studies will synthesize relevant portions of the previous work but focus on those issues that require more detailed characterization and analysis to evaluate the proposed site. Exposed bedrock geology, for example, was generally well mapped in the vicinity of the Faskin Ranch-Eagle Flat region by Underwood (1963), Albritton and Smith (1965), and King (1965). We have compiled the previous mapping on the six topographic maps (1:24,000) that cover the area designated by the Texas Legislature (fig. 1). Drilling, mapping, and geophysical studies associated with this project will add new information on the bedrock units beneath the basin-fill sediments and on the character of the basin-fill sediments themselves, particularly in the siting area.


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