Mechanical Properties Characterization for Polyamide Matrix Dairy Protein Composites Fabricated Using Selective Laser Sintering Process




Obielodan, J.
Delwiche, M.

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This work investigates the viability of casein protein for manufacturing engineering structures. Polyamide 12 (PA12) was used as a matrix for different compositions of casein up to 20 wt%. Test samples were fabricated for neat PA12 and the composites using selective laser sintering for mechanical properties comparisons. The results show significant increases of the tensile strengths up to 71% for the composite materials over the neat PA12. Stiffnesses also increased up to 157%. The composite samples were embrittled in comparison with the neat PA12 samples, however, with the addition of a plasticizer, significant improvement in ductility was obtained from near 2% to over 6% percent elongation with marginal loss in strength. The investigation shows the dependencies of mechanical properties of the composites on the type of filler casein and treatments.


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