A Short Study on the Fabrication of Single Track Deposits in SLM and Characterization

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Dilip, J.J.S.
Anam, Md Ashabul
Pal, Deepankar
Stucker, Brent

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University of Texas at Austin


The present investigation is focused on fabrication of single track deposits, with multiple laser power and scan speed combinations to turn understanding their effect on the formation of the melt pool. In this study alloy, IN625 powder from EOS was used to produce single track deposits. Surface morphology and dimensions of single track deposits were characterized using SEM. The cross-section of the single track deposits was studied, and the geometrical features of melt pools were evaluated. The results indicate that melt pool characteristics provide significant information that is helpful for process parameters selection. These single track experiments will be being extended to fabricate samples with multiple layers in the future study. This approach of investigating single track deposits, when used to narrow down the window of process parameters can provide a path to speed up the tedious and time-consuming experiments for optimization of process parameters.


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