Studies in the genetics of Drosophila. VII, Further articles on genetics, cytology, and taxonomy




Patterson, John Thomas, 1878-1960

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University of Texas




Table of contents: 1. The genetic relationships of Drosophila littoralis Meigen to the other members of the virilis group / J.T. Patterson (p. [7]-19) -- 2. Revision of the montana complex of the virilis species group / J.T. Patterson (p. [20]-34) -- 3. Chromosomal variation and evolution in the virilis group of Drosophila / T.C. Hsu (p. [35]-72) -- 4. Gene variability in the americana-texana-novamexicana complex of the virilis group of Drosophila / Mary L. Alexander (p. [73]-105) -- 5. Interspecific gene variability in the virilis species group / Mary L. Alexander, R.B. Lea and W.S. Stone (p. [106]-113) -- 6. A pair of allopatric subspecies belonging to the repleta species group / J.T. Patterson (p. [114]-118) -- 7. Studies in the repleta group : the melanopalpa subgroup / C.L. Ward and W.S. Stone (p. [119]-128) -- 8. Drosophila wheeleri, a new member of the mulleri subgroup / J.T. Patterson and Mary L. Alexander (p. [129]-136) -- 9. Chromosome variation in Drosophila melanica / Calvin L. Ward (p. [137]-157) -- 10. Drosophila euronotus, a new member of the melanica species group / J.T. Patterson and C.L. Ward (p. [158]-161) -- 11. The Drosophilidae of the Nearctic region, exclusive of the genus Drosophila / Marshall R. Wheeler (p. [162]-218) -- 12. The effect of two pericentric inversions upon crossingover in Drosophila melanogaster / Mary L. Alexander (p. [219]-226) -- 13. Phenotypic abnormalities of the eyes of lozenge alleles in Drosophila melanogaster / Frances E. Clayton (p. [227]-251).

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