Real Time Video Microscopy for the Fused Deposition Method

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Bossett, Evan
Rivera, Lorna
Qiu, Dan
McCuiston, Ryan
Langrana, Noshir
Rangarajan, Shriram
Venkataraman, Natesan
Danforth, Stephen
Safari, Ahmad

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Fused deposition is a layered manufacturing technology, which is being investigated for fabrication of functional parts. Defects and voids in the build process affect the quality andlevel of accuracy of components. These occur due to several factors, such as the.toolpath contours in a layer, material(s) deposited, and the environmental/conditions. For a functional part to be constructed, a perfect green part is critical. To further understand this process, a visualization of the deposition is needed. Therefore, we have developed a real-time. video microscopy system. The hardware has been constructed and mounted on theexistingliquifier.·Real time deposition·of layered manufacturing is being recorded. Three materials being investigated are: PZT, silicon nitride, and wax. The contrast in wax layering is not as strong, which·makes•• visual observation extremely hard. However, interaction between the roads of PZT and silicone nitride parts has been successfully quantified. Using the current set. up and software, the raod width and height have been quantified.



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