Is Telemedicine The Future Primary Care Physician? An Analysis Of Past, Current, And Future Trends




Kvinta, Mary

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This thesis offers a new method of analyzing the trends of telemedicine in the past, current, and future states, particularly in relation to primary healthcare settings. This thesis consists of a literature review of various studies, an analysis of current legislation, and suggestions for future improvements of the healthcare system in the United States. The terms surrounding telemedicine will be defined and the history of telemedicine will be explained in order to convey an understanding of the topic and to allow the reader to deduce general conclusions from the thesis. The thesis will focus on the patient perspective, the healthcare provider perspective, and the challenges that these two respective groups of people face in relation to successful implementation of telemedicine. Conclusions from this thesis are applicable in the current age due to the rising cost of healthcare, the healthcare shortage in certain geographic areas, and the increasingly technological presence in the United States and in the world.



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