A Large-Scale Galaxy Structure At Z=2.02 Associated With The Radio Galaxy MRC 0156-252




Galametz, Audrey
Stern, Daniel
Pentericcil, Laura
De Breuck, Carlos
Vernet, Joël
Wylezalek, Dominika
Fassbender, Rene
Hatch, Nina
Kurk, Jaron
Overzier, Roderik

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We present the spectroscopic confirmation of a structure of galaxies surrounding the radio galaxy MRC 0156-252 at z = 2.02. The structure was initially discovered as an overdensity of both near-infrared selected z > 1.6 and mid-infrared selected z > 1.2 galaxy candidates. We used the VLT/FORS2 multi-object spectrograph to target similar to 80 high-redshift galaxy candidates, and obtain robust spectroscopic redshifts for more than half the targets. The majority of the confirmed sources are star-forming galaxies at z > 1.5. In addition to the radio galaxy, two of its close-by companions (<6 '') also show AGN signatures. Ten sources, including the radio galaxy, lie within vertical bar z - 2.020 vertical bar < 0.015 (i.e., velocity offsets < 1500 km s(-1)) and within projected 2 Mpc comoving of the radio galaxy. Additional evidence suggests not only that the galaxy structure associated with MRC 0156-252 is a forming galaxy cluster but also that this structure is most probably embedded in a larger-scale structure.



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Galametz, Audrey, Daniel Stern, Laura Pentericci, Carlos De Breuck, Joël Vernet, Dominika Wylezalek, Rene Fassbender et al. >A large-scale galaxy structure at z= 2.02 associated with the radio galaxy MRC 0156-252.> Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol, 559 (Nov., 2013): pp. A2.