Fuel Cell Development using Additive Manufacturing Technologies - A Review

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Kulkarni, N.P.
Tandra, G.
Liou, F.W.
Sparks, T.E.
Ruan, J.

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University of Texas at Austin


Fuel cells are being perceived as the future clean energy source by many developed countries in the world. The key today for clean power is the reliance of fuel cells not only to power automobiles but also for residential, small commercial, backup power etc. which calls for production on a large scale. Additive manufacturing is perceived as a way to develop cost effective fuel cells. It imparts flexibility to design different kinds of fuel cells along with reduction in material wastage. This paper deals with the review of additive manufacturing processes for research and development of fuel cell components, such as synthesizing and prototyping new materials for fuel cell components, fuel cell system design and prototyping, designing well sealed fuel cells, bridging from fuel cell design to manufacturing tooling, etc.


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