Sorunke, Hypatia

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Brownscale is a collection of three short stories and three poems about queer Black women in America. Through the understanding of intersectionality, the collection uses intergenerational relationships, heteronormative relationship structures, and identity politics to examine themes of intersectional identities, the accessibility of the American Dream, and queer relationships. In this collection, the stories work to challenge western ideas of marriage, politics of policing, and Black fatherhood. The poems are woven throughout the stories to demonstrate relationships of queer and Black idenitities to immigration, interpersonal violence, and history, all of which exist to inform the intersections of identity. In these stories, characters deal with trauma, pain, and fear; however, they are also allowed to celebrate, explore, and love. The purpose of the multifaceted nature of the creative work is to explore the range in which queer Black womanhood can exist on American soil.


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