Postpartum depression – researching new methods for diagnosis, education, and treatment

Wilkinson, Joseph Matthew
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Postpartum depression can affect, directly or indirectly, both mothers and fathers after the birth of a child. The primary goal of the project was to conduct exploratory research to determine new methods for diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Specifically, we looked for ways to use technology to educate people about postpartum depression, as well as treat it. We hoped this would also increase accessibility of care to all communities. We conducted interviews directly with people who had experienced postpartum depression as well as people who knew someone who experienced it. Through the interviews we learned about their experiences and asked when and where intervention could have helped alleviate the condition. We also polled them about using technology to treat postpartum depression, and whether they found that to be potentially helpful. After completing the interviews, we collected our data and prepared a report containing our findings and recommendations.