Enhancing Federal Agency Peer Review




Peterson, Ian

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Peer review, the process of reviewing a piece of scientific research for accuracy and reliability, is widely used in government. It serves an important function, allowing government agencies and other groups to assess the validity of research and identify any possible shortcomings. Unfortunately however, it is often not used effectively. This White Paper examines the use of peer review by federal agencies, with a particular focus on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It discusses the existing federal regulatory framework for peer review and recommends various changes thereto designed to improve the effectiveness of peer review. The White Paper was written by J.D. student Ian Petersen, with support from the University of Texas Regulatory Oversight Group (UTROG). UTROG is an unofficial organization at the University of Texas. It is comprised of law students who work with faculty to identify opportunities to enhance public participation in important federal and state regulatory programs. Its positions do not necessarily reflect the views of the administration of the KBH Center, the Law School, or the University of Texas.

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