Did I Want To Be With The Band? A Study Of Feminism And Consent In The Time Of Sex, Drugs And Rock’N Roll




Hartmann, McKenzie

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The nature of Groupies’ reputation in the music industry caused many people to belittle their role in the narrative of rock music of the 60s and 70s despite the fact that they exerted substantial influence on both the music and women’s rights. While the term ‘Groupie’ itself is primarily associated with women who sleep with rock stars, the reality of the time was that any woman who enjoyed rock music was categorized as a Groupie including journalists, musicians and fans. This classification of all women into a singular, derogatory group served the dual purpose of marginalizes women’s voices in rock and implying that women’s only contribution was to serve the interests of the male musicians. It also undermines the fact that the few women who transcended from these categories into being ‘Groupies’ in the traditional sense of the word directly influenced the culture of the time by serving more as muses and acting as a voice for the female sexual revolution. My intention with this project is to find the specific ways that ‘Groupies’ impacted the 60s and 70s and see how that impact aided modern feminist movements, while also considering the rock narrative as perpetuated by journalists and how it failed to adequately represent women.



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