I Have No Face: Ten Stories, Act I; Torus Knot, Over the Shoulder, Streams, Love Letter; May 11, 2002


Performance at the B. Iden Payne Theatre, UT-Austin.

Performance at the B. Iden Payne Theatre, UT-Austin. Choreography: Yacov Sharir (Torus Knot, Over the Shoulder); Tomie Hahn (Streams); Andee Scott (Love Letter). Dance Company: Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks, with guest artists Curtis Bahn and Tomie Hahn and Spurse. Dancers: Yacov Sharir (Torus Knot); Kevin Briggs, Laura Cannon, Theresa Hardy, Alby Roblejo, Andee Scott (Over the Shoulder); Tomie Hahn, Yacov Sharir (Streams); Laura Cannon, Theresa Hardy, Nicole Russell (Love Letter). Performance Artist: Tomie Hahn. Lyric Performer and Composer: Ruth Margraff. Vocalist: Larisa Montanaro (Love Letter). Composer: Graham Reynolds (Torus Knot, Over the Shoulder); Curtis Bahn (Streams); :zoviet*france (Love Letter). Computer Animation: Yacov Sharir (Torus Knot); Yacov Sharir, Spurse (Streams); Nathan Jensen (Love Letter). Interface Designer: Curtis Bahn (Streams). Text: Andee Scott (Love Letter). Video Animation: Nathan Jensen (Love Letter). Lighting: Amarante Lucero. Costumes: Amy Burrell. Automated Body Research Team Project. Director/Engineer: Wei Yeh Co-Director/Senior Programmer: Brandon Wiley. Dancer/Engineer: Shelley Hardin. Costume Designer: Valerie Ward. Engineer: Marni Wilhite. Engineer: Andrew Litt. Videographer/Photographer: Michelle Herrin. Automated Body West: Janie Mehew. Special thanks to: Steven Hazel for Software Architecture Design, Malaika Boyd for Graphics and Web Design, Patrick Owens for Equipment Donation. Streams (interactive character by Tomie Hahn/Curtis Bahn): There is a dream state where memories become intertwined with the sensuality of the present. In recollecting streams, memories of places, bodies of water and land, technology, the flow of information, transmission, and liquid states arise. These memories, drawn from the body, awaken as gesture and sound. Through technology, this piece toys with the ephemeral quality of sound and the physical memory of time, sonic space, and sensory experience.