Joints in igneous rocks




Barker, Daniel S.

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One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.


Danbury granite, Georgia, Joshua Tree National Monument, California, Aeolian Buttes, California, Enchanted Rock, Texas, Marble Falls, Texas, Carmolli Brothers Quarry, Elberton, Georgia, Granite Mountain, Georgia, Axum, Ethiopia, Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland, Devil's Tower, Wyoming, Hell's Gate, Kenya, Fischer's Tower, Hell's Gate, Kenya, Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye, Scotland, Mendig, Germany, Salisbury Crags sill, Edinburgh, Weibern quarry, Germany, Green Tuff, Pantelleria, Italy, Howenegg, Germany, Mont Rodeix, Auvergne, France, Moiwa, Hokkaido, Hochsimmer Basalt, Eifel region, Germany, Gembudo, Honshu, Japan, Pillow lava, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, Fossa di Vulcano, Itlay, Kaldaksvisi Canyon, Iceland, Takurayama, Honshu, Japan, Hochtsberg quarry, Germany, Columbia River Basalts, Clearwater River, Idaho, Neoclassical building, Bristol, England, Dettifoss, Iceland, Hjalparfoss, Iceland, Hljodarkletter, Iceland, Oriented fractures, Slip, Stress, Flexure, Unloading, Volume decrease, Shrinking, Cooling, Orthogonal joints, Erosional unloading, Subhorizontal, Curving joints, Sheet structure, Prismatic joints, Columnar joints, Orthogonal joints, Volcanology, Volcanic rocks, Exfoliation, Pop up structures, Tent structures, Quarrying, Sheet structure, Structural geology, Geomorphology, Hydrogeology, Quarry engineers, Prismatic joint orientation, Intrusive body, Extrusive body, Cooling isotherms, Le Pas de Cere, Cantal volcano, France, Basalt lava flow, River valley, Ball-and-socket joints, Feeder, Diverging joints, Rhyolite flow, Diverging joints, Sill, Resource extraction, Lava, Underground workings, Millstones, Paving stones, Welded pyroclastic flow, Aa, Alteration channels, Erosion, Andesite dikes, Paleovalley, Lava flows, Breadcrust bomb, Jointed basalt, Chisel marks, Pinch-and-swell structures, Platy joints, Unoriented joints, Entablature, Unoriented fractures, Cooling flow, Ice, Dike, Joints, Igneous rocks, Field geology

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