Development Of Third Harmonic Generation As A Short Pulse Probe Of Shock Heated Material




Grigsby, W.
Cho, B. I.
Bernstein, A. C.
Quevedo, H. J.
Colvin, J.
Downer, M. C.
Ditmire, T.

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We are studying high-pressure laser produced shock waves in silicon (100). To examine the material dynamics, we are performing pump-probe style experiments utilizing 600 ps and 40 fs laser pulses from a Ti:sapphire laser. Two-dimensional interferometry reveals information about the shock breakout, while third harmonic light generated at the rear surface is used to infer the crystalline state of the material as a function of time. Sustained third harmonic generation (THG) during a similar to 100 kbar shock breakout indicate that the rear surface remains crystalline for at least 3 ns. However, a decrease in THG during a similar to 300 kbar shock breakout suggests a different behavior, which could include a change in crystalline structure.


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W. Grigsby, B. I. Cho, A. C. Bernstein, H. J. Quevedo, J. Colvin, M. C. Downer, and T. Ditmire. AIP Conference Proceedings 955, 1097 (Dec., 2007); doi: 10.1063/1.2832908