Analysis of financial strategies used by Texas school districts to ensure long-term financial stability




Caloss, Scott

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The state’s current financial system for education does not address drastic changes in a school district’s property values in mineral rich areas. Education funding formulas do not provide support for any sudden changes due to fluctuation in mineral values. It is unknown if school leaders have developed strategies to ensure long-term financial stability. If strategies have been developed, these strategies are not known. School leaders, whose districts are located in mineral rich areas, have little information for determining what strategies they should use to ensure long-term financial solvency. The literature on school finance describes the challenges school leaders face when trying to provide every student a quality education with limited resources. However, research lacks a comparable study and analysis of long-term financial strategies for school districts located in mineral rich areas. This study is an analysis of strategies developed by school leaders in districts where property values have been greatly affected by mineral values to ensure long-term financial stability.


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