Titanium dioxide nanotubes for production and delivery of nitric oxide and methods for production thereof

Balkus, Kenneth J., Jr.
Ratanatawanate, Chalita
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United States Patent and Trademark Office

The present disclosure describes compositions operable for releasing nitric oxide under photochemical conditions. The compositions include a titanium dioxide nanomaterial and a nitric oxide-releasing compound deposited on the titanium dioxide nanomaterial that is operable to release nitric oxide under photochemical conditions. Titanium dioxide nanomaterials include, for example, titanium dioxide nanotubes. To facilitate the photochemical release of nitric oxide, some embodiments of the compositions further include a semiconductor that is deposited on the titanium dioxide nanotubes. Both the semiconductor and the nitric oxide-releasing compound may be deposited on the interior surface, exterior surface, or both of the titanium dioxide nanotubes. A polymer may wrap the titanium dioxide nanotubes to protect the nitric oxide-releasing compounds from moisture. Also disclosed herein are methods for producing such compositions and medical devices obtained therefrom.