Coupled Pulsation And Translation Of A Gas Bubble And Rigid Particle

dc.contributor.utaustinauthorHay, T. A.en
dc.contributor.utaustinauthorHamilton, M. F.en
dc.contributor.utaustinauthorIlinskii, Yu. A.en
dc.contributor.utaustinauthorZabolotskaya, Evgenia A.en
dc.creatorHay, T. A.en
dc.creatorHamilton, M. R.en
dc.creatorIlinskii, Y. A.en
dc.creatorZabolotskaya, Evgenia A.en
dc.description.abstractA nonlinear analytic model describing the interaction of a spherical gas bubble and spherical rigid particle is presented. Both the bubble and particle are free to translate. The model is accurate to fifth order in terms of a nondimensional expansion parameter R/d, where R is a characteristic radius and d is the distance separating the bubble and particle. Numerical simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effects of key particle parameters and an external acoustic source.en
dc.description.departmentApplied Research Laboratoriesen
dc.identifier.citationT. A. Hay, M. F. Hamilton, Yu. A. Ilinskii, and E. A. Zabolotskaya. AIP Conference Proceedings 1022, 209 (Jun., 2008); doi: 10.1063/1.2956188en
dc.relation.ispartofserialNonlinear Acoustics Fundamentals and Applicationsen_US
dc.rightsAdministrative deposit of works to UT Digital Repository: This works author(s) is or was a University faculty member, student or staff member; this article is already available through open access or the publisher allows a PDF version of the article to be freely posted online. The library makes the deposit as a matter of fair use (for scholarly, educational, and research purposes), and to preserve the work and further secure public access to the works of the University.en
dc.subjectbubble dynamicsen
dc.titleCoupled Pulsation And Translation Of A Gas Bubble And Rigid Particleen

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