The Effect of the Structure of Jazz Music on Anxiety




Punske, Joseph
Shah, Hriman
Buck, Kevin

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This project won third place in the 2019 Signature Course Information Literacy Award. The award recognizes exemplary student work that achieves the learning outcomes of the Signature Course information literacy requirement, that students will be able to create and execute a research strategy, critically evaluate information, and navigate the scholarly conversation. The paper was nominated by Laura I. Gonzalez from the Department of Integrative Biology, and was completed in her fall 2019 course, “Scientific Inquiry Across Disciplines.” Buck, Punske, and Shah’s project was chosen for their excellent literature review and interesting research question that did seem to fit into a gap in the existing literature. Dr. Gonzalez supported this project by saying "Students demonstrated amazing creativity in developing their question, methodology and analysis. They used scholarly journals to reference their methods and ideas. The whole final product is one of the best examples of how to ask interesting scientific questions and use interdisciplinary approaches to tackle them.”

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