Experimental investigation of overall effectiveness and coolant jet interactions on a fully cooled C3X turbine vane

dc.contributor.advisorBogard, David G.
dc.creatorMcClintic, John Wen
dc.date.submittedMay 2013en
dc.description.abstractThis study focused on experimentally measuring the performance of a fully cooled, scaled up C3X turbine vane. Experimental measurements focused on investigating row-to-row interactions of coolant jets and the contributions of external film cooling and internal impingement cooling to overall cooling effectiveness. Overall effectiveness was experimentally measured using a thermally scaled, matched Biot number vane model featuring a realistic internal impingement scheme and had normalized surface temperatures that were representative of those found on engine components. A geometrically identical vane was also constructed out of low conductivity polystyrene foam to measure the normalized adiabatic wall temperature, or adiabatic effectiveness of the film cooling configuration. The vanes featured a full coverage film-cooling scheme with a five-row showerhead and 13 total rows of holes containing 149 total coolant holes. This study was the first study to make highly detailed measurements of overall effectiveness on a fully-cooled vane model and expands on previous studies of adiabatic and overall effectiveness on the showerhead and single rows of holes on a matched Biot vane by considering a fully cooled configuration to determine if the results from these previous studies also hold for a fully cooled configuration. Additionally, velocity and thermal fields were measured just upstream of two different suction side rows of holes in order to study the effect of introducing upstream coolant injection. The effects of mainstream turbulence and span-wise location were examined and at the downstream row of holes, the contributions of different rows of holes to the approach flow were compared. This study was the first to measure mean and fluctuating velocity data on the suction side of a turbine vane with upstream coolant injection. Understanding the effects of how upstream injection affects the performance of downstream rows of holes is critical to understanding the film cooling performance on a fully cooled turbine airfoil.en
dc.description.departmentMechanical Engineeringen
dc.subjectFilm coolingen
dc.subjectOverall effectivenessen
dc.subjectMatched Biot numberen
dc.subjectHeat transferen
dc.subjectVelocity fieldsen
dc.subjectThermal fieldsen
dc.titleExperimental investigation of overall effectiveness and coolant jet interactions on a fully cooled C3X turbine vaneen
thesis.degree.departmentMechanical Engineeringen
thesis.degree.disciplineMechanical Engineeringen
thesis.degree.grantorThe University of Texas at Austinen
thesis.degree.nameMaster of Science in Engineeringen

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