Pharmacy's Foundation in Texas: A History of the College of Pharmacy 1893-1976

Burlage, Henry M.
Beutler, Margot E.
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Pharmaceutical Foundation of the College of Pharmacy, The University of Texas at Austin
Table of Contents: Preface (p. ix) -- Acknowledgments (p. xi) -- Prologue: Establishing the Profession through Education (p. 1) -- PART I: The Galveston Era, 1893-1927 (p. 13) -- Chapter 1: The Origins of the College of Pharmacy Prior to 1895 (p. 15) -- Chapter 2: Development of the School under R.R.D. Cline, 1895-1915 (p. 52) -- Chapter 3: Educational and Legal Professional Standards (p. 97) -- Chapter 4: The War and its Aftermath, 1915-1924 (p. 111) -- Chapter 5: A New Dean and a New Campus, 1924-1927 (p. 146) -- PART II: The "Forty Acres", 1927-1947 (p. 177) -- Chapter 6: The Shack Era, 1927-1947 (p. 179) -- Chapter 7: The Efforts to Maintain Accreditation, 1929-1947 (p. 205) -- Chapter 8: The College of Pharmacy as a Political Pawn (p. 239) -- PART III: Renaissance of the College, 1947-1962 (p. 255) -- Chapter 9: The Transition, 1947 (p. 257) -- Chapter 10: The Interim Years, 1947-1952 (p. 277) -- Chapter 11: The Pharmaceutical Foundation (p. 310) -- Chapter 12: The Pharmacy Extension Service (p. 323) -- Chapter 13: Realization of a Dream, 1952 (p. 341) -- Chapter 14: Building a First-Class College, 1952-1962 (p. 356) -- PART IV: The College and a Changing Profession, 1962-1972 (p. 393) -- Chapter 15: Reevaluation of Pharmacy Education, 1962-1966 (p. 395) -- Chapter 16: Pharmacy in Transition, 1967-1972 (p. 418) -- PART V: Pharmacists for the Future, 1973- (p. 457) -- Chapter 17: Planning for the Future (p. 459) -- Chapter 18: New Concepts in Pharmaceutical Practice & Education (p. 493) -- Epilogue: Looking Ahead (p. 521) -- Appendixes (p. 523) -- Bibliography (p. 589) -- Index (p. 593)
The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and other pharmaceutical organizations celebrated the recent Bicentennial in various forms. One means of marking this historic occasion was to initiate a compilation of the history of pharmaceutical education, including histories of colleges and schools of pharmacy. With the encouragement of James T. Doluisio, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dean Emeritus Henry M. Burlage and historian Margot E. Beutler undertook the task of recording the events leading to the development of the College of Pharmacy of The University of Texas at Austin. Pharmacy's Foundation in Texas traces the development of the College of Pharmacy from its humble beginnings in the "Old Red" basement at Galveston to the modern, multicampus complex in Austin and San Antonio. Factual detail and research, woven with wit and style into the experiences of the College, create a realistic approach to make this book interesting reading as well as a reference source for every Texas pharmacist.