Emerging phenomena in oxide heterostructures

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Lee, Jaekwang

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Oxide interfaces have attracted considerable attention in recent years due to emerging novel properties that do not exist in the corresponding parent compounds. Furthermore, modern atomic-scale growth and probe techniques enable the formation and study of new artificial interface states distinct from the bulk state. A central issue in controlling the novel behavior in oxide heterostructures is to understand how various physical variables (spin, charge, lattice and/or orbital hybridization) interact with each other. In particular, density function theory (DFT) has provided significant insight into underlying physics of materials at the atomic level, giving quantitative results consistent with experiment. In this dissertation using density functional theory methods, we explore the electronic, magnetic and structural properties developed near the interface in SrTiO3/LaAlO3, EuO/LaAlO3, Fe/PbTiO3/Pt, Fe//BaTiO3/Pt and Cs/SrTiO3 heterostructures. We study the interplay between physical interactions, and quantify parameters that determine physical properties of hetetrostructures. These theoretical studies help understanding how physical variables couple with each other and how they determine new properties at oxide interfaces.




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