The Triple Helix at UT Austin is an interdisciplinary journal committed to bridging the gap between science, ethics, and society. We aim to explore the intricate moral, socioeconomic, and environmental ramifications of an increasingly science-driven world while highlighting the ways that science affects our ideas of humanity. Covering subject matter ranging from technology to law and business to biology, we provide a forum to discuss issues in society from multiple perspectives. Staffed by a diverse group of writers, editors, and graphic designers, the Triple Helix strives to promote an interdisciplinary mindset for people of all backgrounds, with the hope of encouraging readers to ask questions and gain new perspectives.

Recent Submissions

  • Triple Helix, Fall 2018 

    Rajesh, Kavya; Bruner, Katherine; Wang, Ethan; Kiraly, James; Ahmed, Alisha; Liaw, Victor; Zhou, Jina; Wolf, Haley; Gajewski, Alex; Lee, Patrick; Robinson, Elizabeth (2018)