The documentation includes an oral history with George Sanger regarding the ADAT tapes' place in his workflow, as well as information regarding the process of migrating audio data from the ADAT tapes to a more accessible storage medium.

Recent Submissions

  • Audacity audio editor 

    Audacity development team (2007)
    Audacity, an open source sound editing and recording program for multiple platforms.
  • Documentation for The 7th Guest ADAT Project 

    Crow, Jeff; Kovar, Justin; Ristow, Susanne; Royer, George (2010-05-07)
    Project documentation for The 7th Guest ADAT project.
  • George Sanger Oral History 

    Kovar, Justin; Royer, George; Sanger, George (2010-04-23)
    Sound recording and transcript of oral history conducted with George Sanger.